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20 long haircuts for the most handsome men in the world in 2024

by zabaish
mens haircuts for long hair

mens haircuts for long hair.Welcome to 2024, a year when men’s hairstyles are going in an exciting new direction that’s ideal for the stylish, active man! Embracing natural, textured hairstyles that exude ease and genuineness is key this year.

Instead, more carefree, textured designs that highlight a man’s inherent attractiveness are emphasized. The art of precisely designed haircuts that create a professional yet subtle style is highlighted by the ongoing trend of barber culture. Asia’s haircut trends are heavily influenced by Korean fashion, which globally integrates modernism and heritage.

1. Korean Mullet, Semi-Leaf Cut

korean mens haircuts
Korean Mullet, Semi-Leaf Cut

Trendsetters in New York and Seoul are currently embracing this throughout Asia. The long neck, layered construction, and neatly split bangs that curve outward and expose the forehead are all elements of this medium-length hairstyle. With its subtle edge of edginess, it’s ideal for the stylish man. Keep your hair straight and sleek to achieve this look, allowing your longer nape to be the focal point. Men who want to stand out may choose this trend, which is both contemporary and adaptable.

2. Long Hairstyle and Beard

mens haircuts for long hair
Long Hairstyle and Beard

Although long hair is fantastic, there are moments when you just don’t know what to do with it! Maybe you’ve become connected to it, or you’re afraid of changing your unique style. In any case, there’s no law requiring you to chop off your lengthy, dense hair. Why not simply develop a beard instead?

men’s haircuts for Long hair and beards have been associated for many years and are still relevant now. When worn with the appropriate ensemble, they provide the user with a chic, professional appearance while still projecting a macho, easygoing vibe.

3. Shoulder Length Side Part haircut

mens haicuts for long hair
Shoulder Length Side Part haircut

Regarding long hairstyles for guys, this particular style will infuse an air of sophistication into an otherwise carefree atmosphere. A significant portion of the hair must be swept to one side in an ambiguous deep-side parting. Even for a formal occasion, the current style of messy hair might be a nice option.

4. Shoulder-Length Long Hairstyle

men's haircut for long hair
Shoulder-Length Long Hairstyle

For guys who are accustomed to wearing their hair short and closely cropped, shoulder-length hair may seem like a lot of labor. But this look is easier to maintain than you may imagine if you have naturally thick, voluminous hair. Try using a sea salt spray to dampen and then blow-dry your hair with a blow dryer or allow it to air dry. Your hair will have some grit and a delightfully imperfect, disheveled finish thanks to the spray.

5. Classic Haircuts: MidHalf-Bun

mens haircuts for long hair
Classic Haircuts: Mid-Half-Bun

Pull your hair up and back a little. After pulling it back into a ponytail, knot it clumsily. You don’t need a flawless bun, so leave the ends hanging out. The idea is to go for a boho style that gives the impression that you woke up this way. Take note of the way this fashionable haircut is given interest by the ombre color effect, which transitions from dark black to brown-blonde.

6. Draped Waves haircut

men's haircuts for long hair
Draped Waves haircut

Although it’s simple, Timothee Chalamet’s haircut has a hint of edge. Allowing your curls and waves to take care of themselves is essential to this look.

7. Man bun haircuts

mens haircuts for long hair
man bun haircuts

Men with longer hair tend to have longer manes; therefore, this particular hairstyle is suitable for individuals who are only going to put their hair up in a ponytail. That’s precisely what it is: a low pony formed by two pieces that have been carelessly twisted and separated, twirled in a kind of hurried, sloppy knot. For a completely carefree look, let the tips protrude.

8. Shaped curtain haircuts

Shaped curtain haircuts
Shaped curtain haircuts

The S-shaped curtain hair is somewhat similar to the regular curtain hair, with the exception that instead of the traditional C shape, the S-shaped variety has the fringe hair bend inside once and flip back out at the ends. For styling this style’s soft curves, we suggest using hard spray or sea salt spray.

9. Ear-tucked part haircut

mens haircuts for long hair
Ear Tucked Part haircut

This is a basic style that can be achieved with little to no effort. It uses either a side or middle part, and the wearer tucks both sides of the part behind their ears. This hairstyle is perfect for people with medium-length hair, lengthy fringes, or naturally wavy hair.

10. Samurai Haircuts

mens haircuts for long hair
Samurai Haircuts

The man bun is a high-fashion and macho hairstyle that is modeled after the ancient Japanese samurai haircuts. It is presently popular since it is considered “hipster” and fashionable. This look shouts confidence, ease, and laid-back, positive feelings when combined with a high fade and some facial hair. Make sure you stock up on the necessary items if you’re considering getting a man bun. Apart from your preferred style products, you will also require a variety of hair ties, with the size of each tie changing according to the size of your bun.

11. Wavy Perm Korean long haircuts

korean wavy hairstyle male
Korean wavy hairstyle male

The classic carefree oppa hairstyle is the lengthy, wavy perm. The secret to this look is loose, natural-looking waves. Start with a full mane of layers, then perm them to obtain this stylish appearance. To maintain the texture of your perm, use a matte-feeling hairstyling wax.

12.  Long Hair with Highlights

Long Hair Highlights boy
Long Hair Highlights

A natural sun-kissed effect can be achieved by wearing long hair with highlights on dark brown hair with lighter highlights, but you can also try out a variety of different color combinations.

This long haircut for men is incredibly style-friendly and adaptable. It can be styled in many different ways, such as a sleek and professional updo or loose and flowing. The styling is less important in this case because the highlighted areas give your design more depth and character.

13. Korean Two-block haircut

Two-block haircut
Two-block haircut

Very little styling is needed for this laid-back look. To get the real Korean style, go for a layered cut that lets the fine hair flow forth on both sides. The outcome is a gorgeous, carefree style.

14. Man Bun hairstyles

mens haircuts for long hair
Man Bun hairstyles

A guy wearing a man bun is impossible to slot in, which makes them fantastic. Maybe he’s an Italian Marquis wearing an iron mask and planning a murderous and macabre game, or maybe he’s a Himalayan Yogi who can hover three feet above the earth. If you can pull it off, it’s pure class in either case.

A man bun is easy to put together. Start by giving your hair some styling products to help keep it in place and under control. After that, arrange your hair at the nape of your neck or in a bun at the top of your head. Buns generally look more casual the higher they are positioned.

15. Long Curly Haircut

men's haircuts for long hair
Long Curly Haircut

The curly, long-haired appearance is ideal if you enjoy sepia tints. Ask not how or why the two are related. Curly hair somehow conjures up memories of teenage years, audio cassettes, and Axl Rose singing Cold November Rain—even if the latter two were released 20 years after the former two. You know, Fernweh and longing for places you’ve never visited—that kind of thing.

16. Long-layered haircuts for men

mens haircuts for long hair
long layered haircut men

The style can be achieved with a gel or sea salt spray for a more polished appearance, or it can be worn with the long, silky layers hanging naturally. Oval faces work best with layered hairstyles because they help to create more definition. However, they are also adaptable enough to suit a variety of facial shapes and hair textures.

For a basic layered haircut, there’s no need to dedicate daily styling effort. You can let your hair hang naturally once you get the proper cut. All the same, you can use a styling product to get straight hair if you’re going for a more finished look. For both professional and informal settings, layered hair works well.

17. long Shag Haircut

long haircuts for men
long Shag Haircut

Do you recall Shaggy from Scooby-Doo? Being an adult who could communicate with dogs made Shaggy cool. The shag is a stylish hairstyle because of this. Even if all you do on weeknights is play Scrabble with your family, it makes others think that you lead a scandalously secretive existence.

The layered shag haircut is popular among celebrities but is not very appropriate for daily wear. Layering your hair around your head, beginning from the back and sides and progressively tapering off towards the front, is how you get this look, especially if your hair is naturally wavy.

18.  Korean Long and Layered haircut

mens haircuts for long hair
Korean Long and Layered haircut

Long and layered hairstyles are a popular choice among Korean guys who like longer hair. A fashionable and dynamic look is produced by the movement and texture that layers bring to the hair. This haircut gives you the option of wearing your hair down or up, according to your preference.

19. Ponytail Korean Men’s Haircut

mens haircuts for long hair
Ponytail Korean Men’s Haircut

The stylish ponytail is a Korean interpretation of the trend-forward warrior haircut. For a chic finish, it can be worn with an Asian hairstyle with curtain bangs. Furthermore, to kick it up a level, you can effortlessly transform it into a men’s bun or top knot.

20. Wolf Cut Korean long haircuts

men's haircuts for long hair
Wolf-cut Korean long haircuts

The Wolf Cut is among the most fashionable styles to appear on the Korean “hair waves” in 2023. It’s a whole distinct animal, even though it initially resembles a mullet. This partially mullet, partially shaggy hairstyle is the best option for people who want something daring and fierce, giving off an edgy, wild vibe. After your hair has grown out, ask our barber to cut lots of layers that are choppy. You can wear it sleek and smooth or disheveled. You are in complete control.

Faqs men’s haircuts for long hair

Which male haircut is popular right now?

This year has seen a noticeable increase in the popularity of modern mullets, and we anticipate this trend to continue, so stay tuned! Natural and medium-length hair will be in style in 2024, with the Korean mullet setting the standard throughout Asia. This look has elegantly split bangs and a longer nape. The natural two-block, side-swept, and curtain/comma designs are other common forms that are still in vogue because of their adaptability and contemporary appeal. These looks provide a novel fusion of the modern and traditional, ideal for a distinctive yet flexible style.

How can I decide which hairstyle is best for me?

You must first ascertain whatever facial shape you have to get a cut that will suit you. Then, look for styles that complement that shape. Feel free to take any that you like to your stylist for a second opinion once you’ve determined that it fits your jawline and facial shape.

Is long hair fashionable for men in 2024? 

In 2024, men’s long haircuts will be quite in style. A lot of men have been growing their hair long over the past few years, and long hair is a terrific look on many well-known celebrities.

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