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The top 30+ trending haircuts for men in 2024

by zabaish
hair cuts for men

The world of men’s haircuts is always changing along with global trends in style! Our committed staff at MensHaircuts closely monitors the ever-evolving menswear market, carefully examining the trends that are popular in the USA, Canada, and France.

Haircuts for Men predicts that classic looks including the mullet, curtain bangs, cropped cuts, bowl cuts, and different takes on long hair will make a comeback in the next year. It pays homage to the colorful styles of the 1980s, 90s, and early 2000s, which are nostalgically making a striking resurgence!

In addition, the popularity of taper haircuts for men has peaked, exhibiting a wide range of unique interpretations. Seductive curls and timeless fades are still important in the fashion world.

Let’s now reveal the much-awaited TOP 100 hairstyles that our clever marketing team at MH believes will dominate the fashion scene in 2024.

Hair cuts for men:

We’ll show you the newest and greatest hairstyles and haircuts for men, so you can get inspired. Although certain fashions come and go, these chic men’s haircuts are well-liked, macho, and adaptable choices that will keep you feeling great and looking amazing. The appropriate style may make a big impact, whether you’re a young man seeking a stylish appearance or a business professional. In order to assist you in creating a fashionable cut, we’ve put together a list of the most well-liked men’s haircuts.

1. men’s undercut

hair cuts for men
men’s undercut

A buzzed, short side and back hairstyle that isn’t connected to the longer crown area is known as an undercut. This elegant variation of the undercut haircut has a lengthier top section paired with a mid-to-low fade in the back and sides.

2. The Ivy League haircut

haircuts for men
The Ivy League haircut

The Ivy League haircuts for men is a version of the crew cut that is longer on top and shorter and faded on the sides. You can part your hair on one side with this style. A shaved natural hairline and shaved side parting are features of a more contemporary, sophisticated variant of this cut known as a shape-up.

3. Caesar haircut

hair cuts for men
Caesar haircut

The short, straight-cut fringe is the primary feature of the Caesar haircuts, which bears Julius Caesar’s name. This contemporary take on the Caesar cut features unconnected skin fading on the sides and back, along with a tousled, bleached crown area.

4. Faux Hawk

hair cuts for men
faux hawk haircut

The mohawk hairstyle is interpreted as softer and more conventional with a fake hawk. Even though the shorter sides and the longer hair strip still contrast, the lines are integrated, giving this hairstyle a more polished, wearable appearance.

5. Mohawk

haircut for men's
Mohawk haircut

Mohawks are named for the Native American tribe from which they originated, and they later became synonymous with punk style. With this haircuts for men, the sides are buzzed short, and the forehead to lower nape are connected by a longer hairline. With its fine features and strong, rebellious appearance, we adore this updated take on the cut.

6. Taper fade

haircut for men
Taper fade haircut

The sides are tapered with clippers to create this kind of men’s haircut, and the top is merged with the sides using the scissors-over-comb method. This hairdo finishes clean and edgy, thanks to the shaped hairlines. Remember that you will need to touch up the taper fade at least every four to six weeks.

7. High fade

hair cuts for men
High fade haircut

As its name suggests, the high fade highlights the greater contrast between the long top and the short sides. This haircut may be made even bolder and more edgy by adding a shaved hairstyle to it.

8. Middle Fade

hair cuts for men
Middle Fade haircut

The hair practically transitions from short to long between the ear and the top of the middle fade, which is the line that circles the head just below the crown. We advise leaving the crown area longer and styling curly and wavy hair with hair mousse.

9. Low Fade

haircuts for men
low fade haircut

hair cuts for Men who wear their hair in a low fade merge into the longer hair on top by having very short sides that noticeably lengthen just above the ears. You might appreciate this striking contrast of a very short skin fade and a long, disheveled top, or you might want a more subdued, elegant variation of the same look, with a shorter top and longer sides.

10. QUIFF haircut

hair cuts for men
quiff haircut

A trendy hairstyle known as a quiff is characterized by a portion of hair at the front of the head that is combed upward and away from the forehead. There are many different styles, such as the floppy quiff, the side part, and the hard part. The cut is neat, polished, and professional, regardless of which of them you select. The longer hair on top, brushed backward and upward for volume, gives it its individuality, even if it all begins with a traditional shortcut around the ears and at the back of the head.


hair cuts for men
french crop haircut

A straightforward hair cut for men known as the French crop features a short, somewhat untidy fringe that is dragged forward over the forehead. The fringe is left slightly longer, and the hair on top is clipped to a single length, while the sides and back are frequently faded. One basic trim can generate a variety of looks for work and play, depending on how your stylist cuts the fringe and how you decide to style it at home.


hair cuts for men
messy haircut

Men worldwide are becoming more and more accustomed to sporting untidy hairstyles. The look may be anything from overly dramatic with hair that sticks up at every angle to quite understated with beachy, textured waves. Guys with thicker hair tend to have more possibilities for messy hairstyles; there are fewer options for guys with thinner, finer hair. Messy styles look good on men with short hair, long hair, and all in between. Use a sea salt spray that is intended to thicken and texturize your hair to give it fullness and volume.


hair cuts for men
comb over

One of the most adaptable haircuts ever is the classic comb-over, which looks great on almost everybody. The style is named after the act of combing all of the hair from one side of the head to the other, which provides the appearance of thick and full hair even while the top of the hair is thinning. An expert stylist can assist you in creating the ideal comb-over to meet your preferences, regardless of how curly, wavy, or straight your hair is.


hair cuts for men
crew haircut

A traditional crew cut is a great option for men who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair to look their best. It’s adaptable enough to be worn at work for a crucial client meeting or at the club on a night out with the lads, and it almost takes no style to keep it appearing neat and polished. You may experiment with a taper fade that begins at the top of the forehead or a small side part to provide some variation. A quarter inch is the standard length at the top of a crew cut, but you can play around with lengths to create your special look.


hair cuts for men
buzz cut

For a man who likes to keep things simple, sweet, and concise, the buzz cut is the perfect hairdo. One of the most manly looks of them all, you can achieve and keep up the easiest version of this cut at home with the correct tools. However, a line-up or tapered fade to bald along the sides and back could seem more put-together.

16. Bowl Cut

hair cuts for men
bowl cut

A traditional haircuts with a long, straight fringe and all the top regions cut to the same level is the bowl cut, sometimes called a mushroom haircut. Typically, the sides have a noticeable line around the entire head and are buzzed short.


hair cuts for men
curtains haircut

The curtain hairstyle is fundamentally cute and youthful, but with a little styling and creativity, it can be transformed into something rugged and manly. The characteristic long fringe of this style is parted on the side or in the middle. You may decide whether to go for that carefree, messy appearance or take your gel and slick it back in a fun, wild way. Unless you’re going for a seductive bedhead appearance, curtains usually don’t need much style to look their best.


hair cuts for men
high and tight haircut

The high and tight is a tough, masculine, and commanding style with military elements, much like the crew cut. The style is very polished and well-groomed, with a longer length at the top and a shorter length at the sides. It’s a great choice for drinks with pals after work and a meeting presided over by the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm. You may create customized looks at home with a variety of styling options; you can even choose the ideal length and fade to make it uniquely you.


hair cuts for men
side part haircut

In a way, the side part is a better complement to any other hairstyle you like than it is a hairstyle by itself. A side part can update a look and give it a more polished, businesslike, boyish, or even cleaner look. For definition, part of your crew is cut on the side. Alternatively, part your long hair on the side for a flirtatious appearance. It’s a terrific method to highlight the greatest features of your face, depending on the style and portion placement you choose.


hair cuts for men
bro flow haircut

For men who prefer hair that is as easygoing and carefree as their personalities, the bro flow is a great hairstyle choice. Although it may appear a little challenging to style in pictures, it isn’t. Face-framing layers and minimal styling products can be achieved at home with the help of an experienced stylist. All you have to do is let your hair grow a few inches longer, then brush it straight back and let it fall where it may. Try a sea salt spray that gives your hair structure if you prefer a beachy hairstyle. Investing in high-quality shampoo and conditioner will help to maximize moisture and minimize frizz, giving your hair more length and volume.


hair cuts for men
textured fringe cut

A great way to give your hair a youthful, fresh look is by incorporating some textured fringe into your design. Growing your fringe, or the front portion of your hair directly behind and along your forehead, to a length of one and a half to three inches, is the first step in getting your ideal cut. You’re done! All you have to do is spritz some texturizing spray on your fringe and comb it with your fingers. Consider matching your textured fringe with a tapered fade that is extremely clean around the edges to create even more contrast in your appearance.

22. SPIKY HAIR Cuts for Men

hair cuts for men
spiky haircuts for Men

Not every spiky hairstyle has to be as audacious as your favorite punk rock band from the 1990s. When combined with the ideal crew or classic cut, it may be quite understated and even polished. Leaving the top hair about an inch and a half long and spiking it up with a maximum-hold mousse or gel is the most popular version of the spiky style. You have two options for shorter hairstyles on the sides and back: a tapered fade for more intrigue, or a single shorter length for the hair.

23. Braided Styles

hair cuts for men
braided styles for men

Men’s braids, which include elaborate and fashionable patterns, are still in style in 2024. Braided hairstyles give your appearance a distinctive and ethnic flair, whether you want to wear a single braid, cornrows, or a mix of forms.

24. Bold Colors and Highlights

hair cuts for men
Bold Colors and Highlights for men

Bolder highlights and hair colors are becoming more and more popular among guys to try.
Bright shades, unusual tints, and well-placed highlights are employed to give hairstyles a statement-making element that allows for a customized and distinctive look.

25. Medium-Length Hair cuts

haircuts for men
medium length hair cuts

The medium-length cut is one of the most versatile hairstyles. You can wear your hair backward or forwards, all swept to the side or parted in the middle—whatever suits you best.

26. Long Men’s Haircut

hair cuts for men
Long Men’s Haircut

For people with thick, wavy hair, longer hair is a terrific alternative. Men’s long haircuts appear super cool and don’t require frequent salon appointments, but it could take some time to grow out your strands.

27. Shaved Sides

hair cuts for men
Shaved Sides

A bald fade combined with longer hair on top is a great option if you find a standard tapered haircut to be too monotonous. A shaved accent running through your beard on the side will give your haircut a dramatic and edgy look.

28. Classic Slick Back

hair cuts for men
classic slick back haircut

One of the most in-demand hairstyles of the moment is slicked-back hair, which is stylish, bold, and modern all at once. The top must be at least 2.5–3 inches long, but the sides and back can be customized to your tastes. To maintain the style, apply some gel or pomade.

29. Haircut with a Side Part

hair cuts for men
Haircut with a Side Part

Elegant and classic, the side part complements the majority of facial features and looks great with both a clean shave and any type of facial hairstyle. This hairdo will seem more put-together and sophisticated with a shaved portion. But to keep this cut looking presentable, you will need to dedicate a few minutes each day to styling.

30. Blowout Short Haircut For Men

hair cuts for men
Blowout Short Haircut For Men

You will undoubtedly look fashionable and striking if you have a blowout haircut. This appearance is carefree and easygoing without coming across as unduly messy or sloppy.


hair cuts for men
slick back haircut

The sleek back, a manly and strong shape, may be paired with many various appearances to produce a unique, personalized appearance. Longer hair that is brushed back and away from the forehead and secured with high-hold gel or mousse defines this style, but it may also be paired with other styles, like a taper fade or skin fade, to create a look that is as unique as you are. You can even smooth your long hair back on top for a just-showered look and added male sex appeal.

Try all men’s haircuts now.

FAQs for men’s haircut

What are the projected styles for men’s haircuts in 2024?

Tapers and fades in a variety of styles will remain a popular option. Short haircuts are predicted to be eclipsed by medium-length, textured hairstyles. Furthermore, crops and mullets will probably continue to be in style.

What’s the simplest hairstyle to keep up with?

As the least complicated men’s haircut to style and requiring little daily maintenance, the buzz cut is a sensible option for low-maintenance grooming. With tidy sides and a little extra length on top for styling variety, short tapers or fades also provide easy maintenance.

Which men’s haircuts are fashionable at the moment?

This year, chopped bangs, low taper fades, and military-inspired hairstyles are all very fashionable.

What will be the most popular men’s haircut in 2024?

Classic cuts and contemporary, edgy designs are among the haircut trends for men in 2024.

Which male haircut is now in style?

Men’s hairstyles for 2024 will vary in popularity, although textured crops and contemporary pompadours will be in style.

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