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Most Popular 20+ Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men’s in 2024

by zabaish
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Greetings to 2024, a year in which hair styles and haircuts for men are taking a bold turn that is perfect for the fashionable, energetic man! This year, it’s all about embracing textured, natural hairstyles that are effortless and authentic.

Rather, the emphasis is on more casual, textured designs that accentuate a man’s natural beauty. The current barber culture trend showcases the skill of carefully creating haircuts that produce a polished yet understated style. Asian haircut trends are greatly impacted by Korean fashion, which combines modernism and heritage in a way that is globally integrated.

In the vanguard of men’s hair trends, GATSBY closely monitors how tastes in Asia, Europe, and the US are changing. Their custom-made, opulent, and distinctly male hair care products are made for the sophisticated, contemporary guy who appreciates quality and usefulness thanks to their long-standing skill in observing market changes.

According to GATSBY’s marketing staff, hairstyles are expected to be quite popular in 2024. Keep in mind that your hairstyle is a strong representation of your unique personality and aspirations; embrace these looks with assurance.

1. Modern Mullet Hair

Modern Mullet Hair

2024 is the year that the modern mullet will continue to rule, thanks to the resurgence of the Y2K trend. This adaptable look is predicted to last and is quickly becoming more popular. The modern mullet encompasses a variety of interpretations, from short and spiky to curly variants, so it’s far from a one-size-fits-all style. Whether you want to make a big statement or a small alteration, this trend may adjust to your style. Prepare to see this trendy hairdo on Asian trendsetters.

2. Korean Semi-Leaf Cut Mullet

Korean Semi Leaf-Cut Mullet

Asia is currently seeing a surge in popularity for this among trendsetters in Seoul and New York. With its extended neck, textured layers, and outward-curving, middle-parted bangs that elegantly expose the forehead, this medium-length hairstyle has a fashionable appearance. It blends sophistication with a touch of edge, making it ideal for the style-forward man. Keep everything tidy and elegant so that your longer nape is the main focal point of the ensemble. For men who want to stand out, this trend is perfect because it’s both contemporary and adaptable.

3. Spiky mullet

spiky mullet hair cut

Men’s fashion is seeing a surge in the spiky mullet, which combines the classic mullet’s long nape with a more subdued and organic spiky twist. In Korea and East Asia, long mullets are popular, while shorter varieties are becoming more common in the West. The lengthier back honors tradition, while the spikey texture at the top adds a dash of contemporary rebelliousness. This design celebrates individualism. To counterbalance the back’s smoothness, spike the top with a strong, texturized gel or pomade for styling. It’s a suitable technique to make an impression and show off your flair.

4. Center Part Mullet, Curtain Mullet

hair styles
Center Part vMullet Curtain Mullet

Through 2024, the center section, also known as the curtain mullet, a Korean-inspired style, is expected to remain popular. With its lengthier, center-parted bangs and collar-length hair, this medium style radiates a sense of ease and refinement. It’s sometimes referred to as the “leaf cut” because of the way the swept-back layers fall into a leaf shape. This style looks well on a variety of facial shapes and is a modern twist on the traditional mullet. To achieve a well-proportioned, fashionable, and effortlessly cool look, style the bangs smoothly and trim the nape.

5. Short Mullet

Short Mullet haircut

With its growing popularity in Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe, the short mullet is a fantastic combination of style and substance. This style, which is sometimes referred to as the “Barber Mullet” or “Fade Mullet,” has a collar that is a little bit longer than a fade cut. The additional short length of this mullet gives it great versatility and styling ease. Aim for a crisp look by keeping the back slightly longer and the sides faded. It’s the best option if you want to seem chic and current at the same time.

6. Clean, Classy, and Extremely Short Hairstyle

Clean Classy and-Extremely Short Hairstyle

It is anticipated that the extremely short haircut will become even more fashionable in 2024, going hand in hand with sleek, high-end fashion trends. This design delivers a smooth, clean appearance with a natural texture, and it evolved naturally from the remote to the office work shift age. Its simplicity and versatility make it a worldwide favorite. Minimize styling and highlight the natural texture of your hair. For the modern guy, this style combines refinement with a carefree edge.

7. Ivy League Cut

Ivy League Cut

This stylish take on the traditional crew cut is becoming more and more popular in East Asia, owing to its endorsement by Korean celebrities. It is a sophisticated take on the short barber style. It is a must-have because of its slick, streamlined appearance. To achieve a sophisticated yet approachable look, keep it well-trimmed and add a little texture to the top.

8. Buzz Cut

hair styles
buzz cut

Because the buzz cut perfectly embodies barber culture, it is making a comeback as a top style this year, especially in Western and ASEAN nations. The Buzz Cut is a fashion statement rather than a simple haircut, paying homage to the Y2K trend and styles favored by many celebrity figures. Embracing minimalism with a dash of edge is the key to this ultra-short look. Keep your hair neat and level throughout for a contemporary twist that will give you a sophisticated but carefree appearance.

9. Perm Curly Hair

Perm Curly Hair

Across Europe and East Asia, the perm and everything curly are boldly returning, regardless of hair length. This style reflects a yearning for a new and daring look and represents a release from the COVID-era limitations. The perm provides a striking difference, whether it’s used to accentuate longer locks or give whimsical curls to short hair. There’s no reason to use a blow dryer for styling forever. Take pride in your coils and appreciate the freedom and adaptability they add to your appearance. It all comes down to expressing your style with a curly twist and trying new things.

10. Crew Cut

Crew cut

In 2024, the Crew Cut is returning in big ways, following the minimalism trend and effortlessly fusing the ideas of luxury and modesty. This look, which is well-liked in Western and ASEAN nations, is praised for its understated charm and organic texture rather than the demand for a glossy sheen. The hair tapers gradually from the front to the back, with longer hair on top and shorter on the sides and back. Because of its versatility and simplicity, it’s popular in barber culture. To get this style, aim for a matte finish and a well-groomed appearance that exudes subtle refinement and understated elegance. The definition of casual luxury is the crew cut.

11. Undercut Curls

Undercut Curls Spain Curls

The fashion world is obsessed with the curly undercut, especially with Japan’s new “Spain curl” trend. This particular style is notable for its prominent ridge, which sets it apart from other short haircuts. It’s a popular choice for anyone looking for a dramatic style since it blends the dynamic flair of curls with the sharpness of barber or short mullet hair. Accept this style for a daring, modern, and visually arresting multifaceted look. The right amount of humor, mixed with accuracy, is pleasant.

12. Curly Mullet

curly mullet

The curly mullet is seeing a huge comeback in popularity in 2024, particularly in East Asia, the US, and Europe. With its distinct and obvious ridges and permed curls, this style revitalizes the classic mullet. A short mullet or barber hairstyle paired with strong, defined curls produces an elegant yet daring image. Mastering this look means maintaining a well-defined mullet form while emphasizing the curls.

13. Mash Perm, Korean Perm

Mash Perm Korean Perm

This year, the medium-length Korean perm is becoming more and more popular throughout Asia due to its natural curls. This look, which combines modern fashion with a hint of nostalgia, pays homage to the Y2K era. It goes well with fades and other short-sided styles and is ideal for curly or wavy hair. Use sea salt spray to amp up this appearance and give it a laid-back, sophisticated attitude. For a modern, stylish look with a dash of Y2K flair, it’s the perfect option!

14. Haircuts for Long Hair

Haircuts for Long Hair

Although long hair is fantastic, there are moments when you just don’t know what to do with it! Maybe you’ve become connected to it, or you’re afraid of changing your unique style. In any case, there’s no law requiring you to chop off your lengthy, dense hair. Why not simply develop a beard instead?

Long hair and beards have been associated for many years and are still relevant now. When worn with the appropriate ensemble, they provide the user with a chic, professional appearance while still projecting a macho, easygoing vibe.

15. Curled Hairstyle with Short Sides

Curled Hairstyle with Short Sides

If you prefer a natural look, long curls with a modest fade can be your ideal hairstyle. By preserving the lovely curls in your hair, this style does wonders to accentuate its natural curly appearance. While less disheveled-looking than a tousled appearance, this fashion conveys a more natural vibe.

16. Samurai Hairstyle

Samurai Hairstyle

The man bun is a high-fashion and macho hairstyle that is modeled after the ancient Japanese samurai haircuts. It is presently popular since it is considered “hipster” and fashionable. This look shouts confidence, ease, and laid-back, positive feelings when combined with a high fade and some facial hair.

Make sure you stock up on the necessary items if you’re considering getting a man bun. Apart from your preferred style products, you will also require a variety of hair ties, with the size of each tie changing according to the size of your bun.

17. Long Hair, Shaved Sides, and Slicked Back

Long Hair Shaved Sides and Slicked Back

High fades are often used in hairstyles like the long, slicked-back look, which is highly fashionable. You have probably seen a lot of men wearing this look on the streets, and if so, you undoubtedly agree with us when we say that it exudes confidence and manliness. The sleeked-back top hair is the focal point of the look because the sides are hairless. This look is excellent both alone and when paired with a beard or beard and mustache.

18. Side Swept Undercut

Undercuts with side sweeps are the little cousin of messy hairstyles. With just a comb and some quality pomade, you can get this look without having to fling your hair around and run the danger of getting knots. This style, as its name implies, consists of long hair combed to the side with an undercut on the sides of the head.

19. Ear Tucked Part

Ear Tucked Part

This is a basic style that can be achieved with little to no effort. It uses either a side or middle part, and the wearer tucks both sides of the part behind their ears. This hairstyle is perfect for people with medium-length hair, lengthy fringes, or naturally wavy hair.

20. Brushed-back Scissor Crop

Scissor crops are usually quite short. That being said, this hairstyle can be ideal for you if you’ve grown your crop out or have purposefully chosen to keep it a little longer. Just give the hair on top of your head a quick brush.

21. Confident Quiff Brush-up

If you want to look assertive, you may even rock the quiff with medium-length hair. To achieve this look, you’ll need to keep some pomade or gel on hand in addition to a brush and comb. Applying the cream is as simple as combing a small bit up and back from the forehead. And voilà—a confident quiff smooth!

Arch Fringe Scissor Taper

22. Arch Fringe & Scissor Taper

Want to put down the shaver? Wonderful! Why not go for a more scissors-heavy look? Adding extra scissors is a reasonable option because taper cuts already use a longer fringe that is mostly cut with scissors. It’s crucial to find a barber who is proficient with scissors if you want your haircut to appear fantastic.

Even Popular Men’s Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Do you still have the ideal hairstyle in mind? Do not fear. We have put together a selection of classic haircuts for guys that are sure to be in style in 2024. Whether you’re going for a dramatic or understated look, this collection has something to offer everyone. Together, let’s explore and find your new favorite!

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